25 Eylül 2009 Cuma

Little Miss Sunshine

dwayne: i wish i could just sleep until i was eighteen and skip all this crap-high school and everything-just skip it.
frank: you know marcel proust?

dwayne: he's the guy you teach.

frank: yeah. french writer. total loser. never had a real job. unrequited love affairs. gay. spent 20 years writing a book almost no one reads. but he's also probably the greatest writer since shakespeare. anyway, he uh... he gets down to the end of his life, and he looks back and decides that all those years he suffered, those were the best years of his life, 'cause they made him who he was. all those years he was happy? you know, total waste. didn't learn a thing. so, if you sleep until you're 18... ah, think of the suffering you're gonna miss. i mean high school? high school-those are your prime suffering years. you don't get better suffering than that.

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